Lucy Kelson; Bullock, is an environmentally concerned Harvard law graduate. George Wade, Hugh Grant, is a billionaire property developer who's born to spend. His lawyers, always women, have been employed for qualities other than their academic qualifications. But now he needs a proper lawyer even though he feels someone really good might find him shallow. An accidental encounter with Lucy who's trying to stop him pulling down a community centre on Coney Island leads to her being signed on. But after a year of choosing his suits and shirts, arranging his divorce, it all becomes a bit much. Sandra Bullock produced as well as stars in this romantic comedy, and predictably she plays the lone klutz who looks slightly awkward when she's trying to look beautiful. But she's terrific at physical comedy. Hugh Grant delivers his lines so dryly it's as if they'd been written for him, he's very funny. And in fact Marc Lawrence's screenplay as well as his direction is droll and witty, there are a lot of laughs in this. The film loses a bit of pizzazz in its second half and Grant looks a bit less confident when he has to actually be in love with Lucy but this is a major crowd-pleaser, perfect light-weight fare for the holiday season.