Suspended undercover narcotics officer Nick Tellis (Jason Patric) is reluctantly drawn back into the force to find out the truth behind the murder of a young Detroit police officer killed in the line of duty. Nick is teamed with the slain officer’s partner Henry Oak (Ray Liotta), who will stop at nothing to avenge his death. But as the case unravels, the dark underbelly of the world of narcotics reveals itself in surprising and devastating ways.

An undercover narcotics officer is lured back to the force to help a cop’s murder. 

Nick Tellis, an undercover cop working for the Detroit police department, is suspended after his involvement in a chase and shootout which ends with the death of an unborn baby. But he\'s given another chance, this time to work alongside Henry Oak, Ray Liotta, whose partner, also working undercover, was tortured and killed. Oak is a hardened, bitter man, and the search for the dead cop\'s killers proves to be difficult and dangerous. Narc is distinguished by two very fine performances, Jason Patric as the younger cop and Ray Liotta, who co-produced the film, as the older, even more bitter, tough guy. Writer-director Joe Carnahan spares the viewer little in this very contemporary, very hard-boiled affair. This is gritty, tense, filmmaking and, for once, the hand-held camerawork brings authenticity to the location scenes of the manhunt. The main problem is that the plot isn\'t exactly original, and, indeed, it\'s pretty predictable; but, for fans of realist police action movies, Narc is worth a look.