Underworld was seen as “a sleeper hit” of 2004, doing big business both at the box office and on DVD, reportedly making five times back its budget. It is no wonder a swiftly-made a sequel comes hot on its heels (or should I say 'cloven hooves’…) Underworld Revolution be its name, and like the original it features Kate Beckinsale in the lead role as vampire warrior Selene, her husband in the director’s chair, some very angry monster vampires and some even more furious “lycanthropes” – werewolves that is.Former props man-turned-filmmaker Len Wiseman and screenwriter Danny McBride re-team for Underworld Revolution , taking the convoluted plot of the original to the nth degree in this sequel. (If you thought the plot in the first was overly-intricate and melodramatic, you ain’t seen nothing yet). It’s still vampires versus werewolves, with Beckinsale’s black-clad Selene again hunted by the mutant hybrid monsters of the last movie, with her own human hybrid/love interest Michael (Scott Speedman) by her side. Selene’s ancient past may hold the key to the puzzle behind this present war, which has escalated to include twins with father-son and sibling issues, BIG custom-made guns, and the usual hell to pay. Not to mention a glorious BDSM-inspired leather wardrobe…Fans of Underworld are sure to approve of this sequel which is closely modelled on the first, with slightly more back story (zooming by in digitally modified flashback) and loads more gore - see those severed limbs fly! But if like me you found the first um, lame, then Underworld Evolution will prove, um, pathetic, even with the esteemed presence of veteran British actor Derek Jacobi (Love Is The Devil), his role as criminally brief and underwritten as it was in Nanny McPhee (2006). What U2 desperately screamed out for behind the camera was a director – not just an art director – someone who could handle the intricacies of putting together an entire movie, not just slick goth visuals. Plus a sense of humour! This is one film that takes itself way too seriously. Give me recent Russian fantasy Nightwatch (2005) any day