Joan Allen has built her career on strong and significant supporting roles ? such as in The Ice Storm and The Contender. In The Upside of Anger she takes the lead as Terry Wolfmeyer, a middle aged woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband apparently runs off with his Swedish secretary. Already dealing with four head strong teenage daughters, she's pushed to the brink, finding solace in the bottom of a bottle. Next door neighbour Denny, an ex-baseball star turned radio jock, played by Kevin Costner, becomes her drinking buddy. This is a sharp-witted black comedy, firmly held together by fine performances and an edgy script. Allen and Costner's chemistry on screen is superb. Costner may have redeemed his career with this realistic portrayal. Kerri Russell, the face of TV's Felicity, is also very good as the angriest of the four daughters. And keep an eye peeled for director Mike Binder who appears as Denny's sleazy producer Shep. This is a hilarious look at family dynamics gone wrong and the consequences of unresolved anger.