Three years ago, Camille, an actress, left her lover, Pierre, to work in Italy. Now she`s back in Paris, playing the leading role in an Italian production of Pirandello`s play, As You Desire Me. Her current lover, Ugo, is the play`s leading actor and director. The production is not a huge commercial success, but Ugo has other things on his mind, he`s obsessed with tracking down a long-lost 18th century play, The Destiny of Venice. At the archives, Ugo is helped by the vivacious Do, a student, and a love affair blossoms. Do lives with her scatty mother and possessive half-brother, Arthur, a shady character who has designs on Pierre`s wife, Sonia. The romantic adventures of these characters unfold with clockwork precision...Jacques Rivette is 74 years old now, and we`ve seen too few of his films in this country. As a critic and then a director, he became a founding member of the `nouvelle vague` when he made the trail-blazing Paris Is Ours in 1958. Since then he has often produced dauntingly long films, like L`Amour Fou, Out One Spectre and the enchanting La Belle Noiseuse, and he achieved cult success in 1974 with the disarming Celine And Julie Go Boating. VA SAVOIR is one of his most accessible and enjoyable productions. Rivette`s relaxed handling of the material results in quite a long film, but a consistently witty, literate and charming one. The cast is excellent, especially Sergio Castellitto as the volatile Ugo and Helene de Fougerolles as the charmingly sarcastic Do. This is a highly sophisticated entertainment.

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2 hours 34 min