Hugh Jackman plays Van Helsing, a man with a past he can't remember who is charged by a secret Catholic organisation to rid the world of evil. Having dispatched Mr. Hyde through the rose window of Notre Dame his next assignment is to Transylvania to kill Count Dracula, Richard Roxburgh, and save the ruling Valerious family from eternal damnation. Unfortunately there's only one member of the family left and that's Anna, Kate Beckinsale, a worthy warrior in her own right who's dressed very fetchingly to kill. Along for the ride is Friar Carl, David Wenham, who is to Van Helsing what Q is to James Bond.This is cartoon writ large on the big screen, it looks like the only reality in it is the actors with pretty much everything else conjured up by modern technology. The film is blatantly silly and over the top, and very self aware. It flaunts its hokeyness. Writer/director Stephen Sommers strength is in getting us along for the ride. Hugh Jackman is terrific in his heroic role, as he was in X Men, Richard Roxburgh practically twirls his moustache as he relishes the evil Dracula who wants to populate the world with vampire children using poor old Frankenstein's monster as a lightning conductor. The trouble is that there are so many story ingredients that Sommers doesn't really have time to deal with, he's too busy with all the action taking up screen time. It's brainless but it works as entertainment.