Van Wilder, Ryan Reynolds has been in college for seven years. He likes it there, he does just enough to stay an undergraduate. It`s the beginning of the spring semester and after acquiring a new assistant Taj, Kal Penn, Van is horrified to learn that his absentee father has decided to cut off his allowance. He needs money to survive college in style and so he decides to charge for the thing he`s really good at - giving parties. Young ambitious journalism student Gwen Pearson, Tara Reid, is all set to do a scathing profile on Van, but actually beneath the arrogance it`s possible to detect a faint charm...This is not my sort of movie, it`s one of those grossout comedies that indulges in every adolescent obsession - mainly sex, sex and sex - with quite a bit of toilet humour thrown in for good measure. But on the positive side, there are occasional laughs, even for me I`m ashamed to say, and some quite pleasing performances. Daniel Cosgrove as Gwen`s obnoxiously snobby boyfriend plays for real and newcomer Kal Penn is funny in his desperation to find a woman`s lotus patch.