Controversial filmmaker Nick Broomfield interviewed various Cobain associates in an attempt to examine the unexplained circumstances surrounding the singer\'s apparent suicide. Broomfield suddenly finds his progress strenuously obstructed by Courtney Love, Cobain\'s wife who becomes a fearsome adversary. Could Love, now a respected Hollywood actress and musician in her own right, (\'Hole\') be somehow implicated in Cobain\'s untimely demise?

Appears to be a conspiracy theory rather that an accurate account of their what happened.

Nick Broomfield`s documentary, Kurt & Courtney, about the controversial couple Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, has provoked its own controversy because of Love`s attempts to prevent the film being shown. And who can blame her? It paints a less than flattering portrait of the woman who married the doomed lead singer of Nirvana and goes as near as dammit to implicating her in her husband`s death.

The film is a bit of a chicken and egg situation - what came first? Love`s refusal to co-operate with Broomfield in the making of the film - and her attempts to frustrate him at every turn - or his devastating portrayal of her as a fame-hungry bitch.

Broomfield interviews her biological father - now there`s a man who knows the meaning of paternal devotion - as well as anyone who has a harsh word to say about her. He also delves into Cobain`s early life. Both Kurt and Courtney had extremely difficult childhoods and their marriage was highlighted by major drug abuse. Before too long this documentary has its own agenda and it seems to be a vengeful one. Broomfield claims the right to freedom of speech but seems to be doing that very basic democratic right a disservice with this film. Broomfield has always has a love affair with controversy in his films, he just seems to take the easy way out in this one, opting for sensationalism over a more considered approach.