For Algerian-born gypsy filmmaker Tony Gatlif music is a life force, as we`ve seen in his previous films Latcho Drom and Gadjo Dilo..... the same is true of his latest, Vengo. Celebrating the flamenco of Andalusia Vengo is really a presentation of musical events - terrific musical events - linked by the drama of a blood feud. Caco, Antonio Canales, is trying to keep things under control after his brother who`s disappeared after killing a member of a rival clan. Caco is afraid that if his brother doesn`t return his nephew Diego who has cerebral palsy will be the next victim. Carrying with him the pain of the loss of his daughter, Caco ensures that life is lived to the full, with music as daily nourishment....This dramatically handsome-looking film is packed with performances like the great sufi singer Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tuni, La Caita and the flamenco band Las Cigalas. But the melodrama of the narrative is handled less engagingly than the music items, making the film as a whole less involving than Gatlif`s earlier work. It`s interesting that Antonio Canales, who`s a famed flamenco dancer, doesn`t dance a step in the film.

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