Maintenance man for the Sydney Egg House, Roger Crumpkin (Yahoo Serious) is the world\'s most accident-prone individual. He scrambles everything from eggs to relationships. His obsession for dismantling domestic appliances is a metaphor for his life, which is rapidly falling apart, according to his only friend Lyndon (Grant Piro). Roger meets chicken sexer Sunday Valentine (Helen Dallimore), who is obsessed with extra-terrestrial life, and is smitten. Sunday is staying with neurotic police-officer Rikki Rogerson (Jeanette Cronin) after a row with her tobacco company executive boyfriend Duxton Chevalier (David Field). Duxton has just extorted his way into controlling his brother\'s (Gary McDonald) egg factory and has big plans. In the meantime Roger unearths a mysterious \'hubcap\' that has been buried for millions of years and shows it to Sunday.

A very clumsy man and his UFO-obsessed girlfriend discover a plan made by his boss.

Roger Crumpkin is accident-prone; in the process of preparing breakfast, he can destroy his apartment. Roger works as maintenance man at the Sydney Egg House, which has taken over the building formerly known as the Sydney Opera House - but he falls foul of the new owner, Duxton Chevalier, (David Field), who has sinister plans for the future of the company. When Roger meets Duxton`s girlfriend, Sunday Valentine, (Helen Dallimore), a former chicken sexer determined to prove we aren`t alone in the universe, he`s smitten - which exacerbates Duxton`s wrath... Yahoo Serious` first two features were commercial successes, so this probably will be too. But although there are some inspired moments here, especially the sequence in which the hero is pursued down a long apartment house staircase by hundreds of overflowing garbage bins, it`s never as funny as it should be - and that`s because everything is so exaggerated, so over the top. The best comedians made sure they did their funny business against a realist background - the contrast made it funnier. If everybody and everything is straining for laughs and competing for audience attention, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Margaret`s Comments: Watching this film I was struck by how well Yahoo Serious would have fitted into movies in the silent era. His comedy is easily portrayed in graphics. It is pure slapstick: the ironing board that he carefully lies down on as it collapses, signalling to us that there is an all too real possibility of it springing open at an inconvenient time. It does. But you wonder what Serious is presenting beyond the slapstick. His Mr. Accident is just that - a disaster zone of domestic and industrial calamities. He begins the film as that and that`s how he is at the film`s end. So what has happened apart from a series of scenes of major mayhem? Not a lot of self-awareness, although what there is doesn`t seem to lead to much growth or change, a romance, although even the girl seems to have major doubts about throwing in her lot with someone so gormless and a sort of story about nicotine-laced chickens which are destined to create a huge demand for eggs. This brightly coloured work is most probably destined to appeal to quite young children. But adults most probably will demand more from their cinema going.