Antoine is a maitre d' in a Paris brassiere, Chez Jean, and is so full of being of service to others that he can't say 'no'. Late for dinner with his girlfriend, Christine, he takes a shortcut home through the park but finds a stranger, Louis, in the act of committing suicide by hanging. Louis is distraught by the loss of his girlfriend, Blanche, and is so grateful that he attaches himself to Antoine. Antoine arranges a job for Louis - as a sommelier at Chez Jean and sets about trying to repair Louis' life...

A very tasty comedy with a little French twist.

Anton (Daniel Auteuil) suffers the disease to please. Running late for a dinner engagement his world collides with that of Louis (Jos? Garcia) as he?s attempting suicide. Anton saves Louis?s life and then attempts to straighten him out. Louis?s despair is over the loss of his love, Blanch (played by Sandrine Kiberlain), so Anton tries to get them back together. A hilarious comedy of errors ensues, as an awkward friendship develops and both men realize they are as troubled as each other. A light hearted and enjoyable experience that shows us that sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions.