In modern-day Moscow, representatives from each of the great powers in an ancient war, Light and Darkness, continue to do battle following the events of Day Watch. The protagonist Anton is wanted for murder, on the run and troubled by the fact his son and the woman he loves are fighting on opposing sides.

Great use of CGI and clever editing but the real star of the film is the story itself.

The new Russian film 'Day Watch" is the follow up to the very successful 'Night Watch", about supernatural creatures who wage a nocturnal war in the streets of present day Moscow.

'Day Watch", like its predecessor, is based on a novel and has become one of the highest grossing Russian films.

It is an epic struggle for supremacy between the forces of light and dark, that has raged for centuries. Our hero Anton, is caught in the middle of the conflict.

The script is dramatic, emotional and very Russian. Acclaimed Russian commercials director Bekmambetov, directs with verve. Indeed with so much colour, gloss and movement, much of the film looks like a commercial for an upmarket car.

He makes great use of CGI and clever editing to blend the drabness of ordinary Moscow life with the world of witches, warlocks and vampires. A film of this nature truly needed such a visual innovator.

It is worth noting that until recently Russian audiences were never exposed to fantasy movies or even comic books. Bekmambetov decided to make every situation as realistic as possible so the audiences would accept the fantasy. For me his approach at times felt a little pantomime but that is cultural, I am sure.

The real star of the film is the story itself. Written by trained psychiatrist Lukyanenko, his imagination knows no bounds and at times I had no choice but to sit there and just go with it. If I started to question too hard, I was in danger of being left behind.

Perhaps because I’d seen Night Watch, I found Day Watch far easier to grasp, and enjoyed it even more. It’s a bizarre Russian adventure - 3.5 stars. Day Watch is in cinemas October 18.

Day Watch is also screening as part of the Russian Film Festival. This unique festival is currently touring the country and features classics such as War & Peace. For full festival details visit The Movie Show online and check out the news section of the site.