Starring David Gulpilil in his first major screen role, Walkabout chronicles the spiritual and emotional journey of a sister and brother abandoned in the Australian outback.

A strange, haunting film.

Nicolas Roeg`s Walkabout, made in 1971 between Performance and Don't Look Now, became a cult favourite around the world.

An extraordinary experience.

Roeg makes at times mysterious use of the Australian landscape and fauna as a backdrop to a story about a couple of citified children, a teenage girl, Jenny Agutter and her younger brother, Lucien John, lost in the outback after their father suicides, who are befriended by a solitary aboriginal man, David Gulpilil.

This reissue contains material never before seen, which succeeds in making a strange, haunting film even stranger and more enigmatic.

An extraordinary experience.


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1 hour 40 min
In Cinemas 01 January 1970,
Thu, 01/01/1970 - 20