Tom (Freddie Cunliffe) and his family, sister Jessie (Lara Belmont), Mum (Tilda Swinton) and Dad (Ray Winstone) have recently relocated from London to a remote farmhouse on the coast of Devon. Mum is heavily pregnant with Tom`s future sister and Dad spends a lot of his time on the phone doing deals for his antique business. A car accident on the way to the hospital for the birth shakes the family around but they all survive. But for what? Tom unexpectedly sees Jessie and his father in an incestuous situation. It`s a shattering revelation- the family is beginning to tilt off-balance...Tim Roth`s adaptation of Alexander Stuart`s novel is a truly shattering piece of work. There`s a strange beauty to the film that shouldn`t belong to the subject matter - Seamus McGarvey`s cinematography is austere and atmospheric and the performances are just wonderful from the professionals Tilda Swinton and Ray Winstone and absolute newcomers Freddie Cunliffe and Lara Belmont - they are both extraordinary and The War Zone is really their film. I should warn you there is one truly confronting scene without which the film would have no centre. I was so impressed by Oldman`s debut as director and now Tim Roth displays such intelligence and courage with his debut... David`s Comments:Tim Roth`s directorial debut is quite remarkable. Not for him the hand-held, at times indulgent realist cinema we might have expected. This painful film about incest is very controlled, intelligently crafted, with meticulously framed widescreen photography, and achingly well acted. Roth doesn`t spell out all the details, and this confronting but immensely moving film is all the better for that. A major work.