Parker - Ryan Philippe and Longbaugh - Benicio del Toro, are petty criminals on minimum wage. When selling their sperm to a bank they hear about a woman who is a surrogate mother for a wealthy couple and they decide to kidnap her. Robin - Juliette Lewis - is within six days of giving birth but that doesn`t deter our two villainous heroes. They head for Mexico with Robin in the back seat of whatever car they happen to nick. The prospective father, Hale Chidduck - Scott Wilson is however a crook, a much more successful one than our two and he sends two sidekicks and his `adjudicator` Sarno, James Caan - in pursuit. Holding up in a seedy hotel in Mexico Robin, Parker and Longbaugh are converged upon from all sides and it seems everyone has a different agenda towards mother and child...McQuarrie has written a possibly overloaded screenplay with attitude and he follows that up with real talent as the film`s director. It`s a stylish, moody, occasionally funny tale about outlaws with unmistakeable allusions to the Western...Score from guest Reviewer, David Caesar 3 stars.

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1 hour 59 min