We Don?t Live Here Anymore examines the relationships of two apparently contented married couples. Jack Linden and Hank Evans ? played by Mark Ruffalo and Peter Krause - are best friends and fellow instructors at a small New England college. In the evenings their families come together for dinner parties, and once the children go to bed, the alcohol flows and their insecurities float to the surface. When it?s revealed that Hank?s wife Edith, Naomi Watts, has been having an affair with Jack, his wife Terry - Laura Dern - turns to Hank for comfort. Curran explores this tangled web of deceit from four different perspectives throwing the viewer into the heart of this domestic chaos. The ensemble cast dish up gut wrenching performances, as people struggling to salvage their relationships. Laura Dern is captivating in what is possibly one of the most intense roles of her career. Ruffalo and Watts embrace their characters with real emotion, giving the film a constant tension as they scurry behind their partners' backs. At times the film becomes predictable and ponderous but it?s saved by accomplished performances that keep you wanting to know more.