Jeremy and John crash weddings and literally have a ball. When they attend the society wedding of the daughter of Treasury Secretary, William Cleary, Christopher Walken, they set their sights on his other daughters, bridesmaids Gloria and Claire - Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams. Jeremy quickly scores with Gloria and John unexpectedly falls for Claire - who has a rather nasty boyfriend. When they swindle an invitation to the family retreat, the pot is stirred. This is a quagmire of clich?s - from the sexed up duo, to the over sexed middle-aged mother, to the warped, gay son. And it takes a long time for the story to get into gear - with too much unnecessary plot exposition. Although Vince Vaughan has some great chauvinistic moments, Owen Wilson is more insipid. I didn't hate this film - but there's only so much schmaltz I can take, and there weren?t enough laughs to sustain me for two hours. I would have had more fun at a real family wedding starring my own crazy relatives.. .