Co-directed by a native Mongolian Byambasuren Davaa and Italian born Luigi Falorni the story of The Weeping Camel is set entirely during spring time in the Gobi desert of south Mongolia. This unique feature film sits somewhere between a documentary and docudrama. Concentrating on one nomadic family who live a simple and peaceful life in tune with their environment. We are given a fly on the wall view of this differing culture and the rituals that keep them in tune with nature.A family of nomadic Shepard?s are intimately involved with the well being of their heard of camels, they assist in the delivery of all new calves. When a mother rejects her new born a rear white calf the two young brothers are sent to town to search for a musician. They bring back a violinist and through an age old ritual mother and calf are bonded. The close up photography and the gentle natured personalities of this family make this film a magical and enchanting tale. A truly unique and touching film experience