While Cosomo, Luis Guzman, is up on charges of grand theft auto he hears about a Bellini – an easy job that could set him up for life. He gets girlfriend Rosalind, Patricia Clarkson to find a Mullinski – someone to take the rap for him, but after tracking down shambling old bum Toto, Michael Jeter, young punk Basil, Andrew Davoli, suave Leon, Isaiah Washington, and single father Riley, William H. Macy, all of whom are unavailable for one reason or another, they all finally settle on Pero, Sam Rockwell, a failed boxer. By this time they’re all in on the Bellini. But Pero fails to convince the judge, he gets a suspended sentence, but not before he’s got the details of the job from Cosomo, This absolutely delightful distraction of a film is yet another adaptation of Mario Monicelli’s 1958 film I Soliti Ignoti, Persons Unknown or Big Deal on Madonna Street as it was called in the US. The beauty of the film is the character based slapstick comedy, and when you have a cast like this creating these characters it’s a lot of fun to watch. Also the Russo’s screenplay has a beautiful rhythm to it, the jargon is a hoot, when Riley says that this particular Bellini is starting to look like a real Kaputchnik I cracked up. It’s nicely directed, with terrific performances, Sam Rockwell is starting to become a regular in the Clooney/Soderbergh films and you can see why. He’s great. I laughed out loud a lot during this movie.