Former wrestler The Rock is stepping into Arnie's shoes in Welcome to the Jungle. He plays Beck, a closer of deals, a gofer for his boss whose son he's sent to retrieve from adventures in Brazil. Arriving in El Dorado Beck discovers the town is run by an exploitative American, Christopher Walken, and that the son, Sean William Scott, refuses to go back to Daddy, he wants to locate a priceless Indian treasure. This is an enjoyable return to action movies with a sense of humour, a sense of character but still with a ?leave your brain at the door? attitude. It?s been directed with a sense of its own humour by Peter Berg, The Rock looks like he?s ready to fill Arnie?s shoes, shot in Hawaii but with a real sense of Brazilian jungle it?s one of those films that you can have a good time with while the lights are down. Don't expect to ruminate later.