Kevin Caffery, played by Martin Lawrence, is a professional Boston thief who knows an art forgery when he sees one. He ingratiates himself into the bed of English newcomer Amber, Carmen Ejogo, when he retrieves a painting for her, and she rewards him with a present of her father`s ring. Some time later, Kevin and his partner, Berger, John Leguizamo, are robbing one of the homes of bankrupt media mogul Max Fairbanks, Danny De Vito, unaware that Fairbanks is at home having a fling with Miss September. When the police come to arrest Kevin, Fairbanks winds up with the ring - but Kevin is determined to get it back...What`s the worst that could happen? Well, one of them`s a comedy without laughs. Fans of the Donald Westlake books, which feature a thief called John Dortmunder (Robert Redford played the character years ago in The Hot Rock) will be dismayed at the way the character has been transformed, in Michael Chapman`s screenplay, into a vehicle for Martin Lawrence. Really, what`s the point of totally changing a well-liked fictional character when the actor who assumes the role seems uncomfortable with it? Certainly Lawrence shows little of his usual boisterous sense of fun. The plot itself provides plenty of opportunities for laughs, but they just aren`t there, and William Fichtner`s portrayal of a very gay detective is a bit embarrassing. At least the film isn`t too vulgar (only one fart joke), but a genuine sense of humour would have been very welcome.