Retired hit man Jimmy ?The Tulip? Tudeski , Bruce Willis returns to reprise his role from The Whole Nine Yards. Thanks to his dentist and one time neighbour Oz, Matthew Perry, who falsified his dental records so he could fake his own death. Tudeski who is under the witness protection program and hiding in Mexico has discovered the sensitive new age man inside. He has become a gourmet chef and hung up his gun for the vacuum cleaner. His wife Jill, Amanda Peet, is a wannabe assassin but has yet to pull of a clean hit. The mob are on his tale when Oz leads them straight to him.Evidently the cast met at a press junket a year after the original wrapped and had such a good time together that they thought they could literally improvise the sequel. Some one should have said ?no?. If this was a comedy I must have been at the wrong cinema. Self indulgent, tedious and base driven (fart jokes) the cast and crew should do community service for this one. One star (for sound track).