Tad Hamilton, Josh Duhamel, is a naughty boy movie star who's had a bit of a rough time in the tabloids. To clean up his image his agent and his manager, curiously both named Richard Levy, Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes, embark on a charity competition to win a date with their star. The winner is Rosalee Futch, Kate Bosworth, a squeaky clean supermarket checkout person working in Higgly Piggly's in Fraser's Bottom, West Virginia. Her best friend Cathy Feely, Ginnifer Goodwin, is ecstatic but the store manager and friend since childhood Pete Monash, Topher Grace, has major qualms because he's actually in love with Rosalee, he's just never told her. This is almost a time warp film, it could have been set in the 1960's, the 1950's even. Rosalee is so innocent she's simply incredible. And while she' s very pretty she seems to have had a personality bypass. This is a film that's overloaded with superfluities and underwhelming in terms of substance. The one to emerge from it best is Josh Duhamel who plays the reformed rake quite charmingly, sincerely even. Somehow Win a Date With Tad Hamilton lacks the bite, the edge that was so enjoyable in Legally Blond, Robert Luketic's first film. But the overwhelming impression I had of this film was teeth. Every character has the most perfect teeth, Kate Bosworth's are simply splendiferous.