Seth Green (Austin Powers), Matthew Lillard (Scream) and Dax Shepard (TV?s Punk?d) are the three twenty-somethings appointed to this latest college-buddy comedy, designed to appeal to the audience that made movies like American Pie (1999) and Road Trip (2000) such big hits. This movie starts out badly and ends up great, supporting the theory that you should never walk away from a film no matter how bad it might initially appear.Meeting up at the funeral of their old high school friend, Dan (Green), Jerry (Lillard) and Tom (Shepard) pledge to finish a treasure hunt that bonded them all together as kids and inspired their childhood dreams. Their set up for this road-cum-camping trip begins badly with a hackneyed ?rites of passage? subplot and some dud, uninventive jokes. But once these boys-to-men accidentally set fire to a dope crop whilst pursued by two irate redneck dope-croppers, the film blossoms into a hilarious comedy of errors. Some seriously good pop-inspired writing, excellent physical humour and riffs of snappy dialogue pepper most every scene once the initial, clunky twenty minutes are disposed of. Right from the outset it is clear that Without A Paddle?s filmmakers intended to make a latter day parody of John Boorman?s classic Deliverance (1972) which in its day was intended as a serious male rites-of-passage drama, albeit one set in mid-life. Fittingly then, Without A Paddle includes a wonderful self-effacing cameo by Deliverance star Burt Reynolds who ends up saving the day as the Una-Bomber inspired woodsman-recluse, Del Knox. It?s probably his best work since Boogie Nights (1997) and Deliverance, if you don?t count Smokey And The Bandits1-3?

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1 hour 35 min