In the opening sequence of Y Tu Mama Tambien, teenagers Julio and Tenoch are indulging in some spirited sex with their girlfriends, who are off to Europe for the summer. Once the girls have departed, the boys are bored. Tenoch, Diego Luna, is from a rich, upper-class family, while Julio, Gael Garcia Bernal, hails from a somewhat more humble background. While attending a formal wedding, the boys meet Luisa, Maribel Verdu, the Spanish-born wife of Tenoch?s snobby cousin; and when, later, Luisa learns of her husband?s infidelity, she impulsively decides to join the lads on a long drive to find a beach, a pristine place that, apparently, only a few people know about. Y Tu Mama Tambien translates as And Your Mother Too, and if it had been a Hollywood teen comedy it would undoubtedly have been tremendously vulgar and not worth wasting time on. But this Mexican production, a huge success in its home country and elsewhere, is an above-average combination of road movie and sex comedy. It?s certainly sexy, but it?s also a serious examination of the relationship between the disenchanted Luisa and the na?ve, eager boys with whom she takes this memorable trip. Director Alfonso Cuaron is best known for the films he made in America ? The Little Princess and Great Expectations. Back on his home turf, he seems to revel in the telling of this bawdy, but ultimately quite touching, tale about summer madness. His next film is to be No. 3 in the Harry Potter series, a startling change of pace from the sex and sunshine of this delightful movie.