The Yes Men is a documentary about two guys who take political satire and protest to the next level.Chris Smith and Sarah Price who brought us the insightful documentary American Movie now focus their lens on two guys who impersonate the World Trade Organization in their latest documentary The Yes Men.The Yes Men is the true story of two highly imaginative political activists Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. It begins with the construction of a satrical web site that is a parody of the WTO's web site. unintentionally some people mistake them for the ligitimate site and start sending them invitations to speak at conferences. Not believing their luck they rise to the occassion. Andy and Mike set off to the thrift store to cheaply acquire the corporate look and then we follow them around the world whilst they humorously highlight the worst aspects of global trade.It's a David and Goliath story of outrages proportions. Shot gorilla style with some raw technical moments that don't really detract from the power of this tale, we feel Mikee and Andy's stress and fear of impersonating this giant of organizations. in a day and age where insignificance is hoisted upon us The Yes Men proves that one or two people can still make a difference. The Yes Men rises above its polemic to be a highly entertaining and subversive look at an alternative to the traditional form of protest. We should all be Yes Men.


1 hour 20 min