Co-writers Dave O'Neil and Mark O'Toole's second feature, You And Your Stupid Mate isn't a landmark in Aussie cinema – it smacks of TV technique, as does The Extra – but it is an entertaining and inventive local version of Dumb & Dumber. (Or Bill and Ted, Beavis and Butthead, take your pick of iconic dumb guys in recent movie history?)

Nathan Phillips (Thunderstruck) and Angus Sampson (The 10.30 Slot) are Philip and Jeffrey, a couple of good-natured losers who love their 'soaps', live in a caravan park, and are always in trouble with Centrelink. When their favourite daytime drama gets axed they set out to save the day.

In a way, this is the film The Extra could have been. It is a relentlessly good-natured underclass comedy with a bit of a social conscience, a healthy disregard for political correctness, fires a few broadsides at the Aussie TV industry and contains plenty of jokes that are often really funny. (Rachel Hunter's cameo as a Diaphanous single mum is a bit of a killer too. She's the clear winner in the 'battle of the supermodel cameos' between these two movies. Unfortunately, Kirsty Hinze was reduced to eye candy in The Extra). Once the recognition humour runs out the film becomes a lot of fun.