Zatoichi is a blind swordsman who shuffles from town to town, righting wrongs with the sword he conceals within his cane. He unknowingly walks into a classic tale of revenge, as two women plot to kill the men who murdered their family. As he becomes more involved, a showdown with the young Samurai Hattori is inevitable. 


You've got a village under threat from two warring gangs, two geishas with a dark secret, a gambling crazed young man, and a group of farmers who've got rhythm. Enter Zatoichi to stir things up, leading to the inevitable showdown with Hattori, Tadanobu Asano, a Samurai for hire.

The film sometimes meanders, slipping into flashbacks and with occasionally confusing sequences, so I had to watch it twice to really understand what was happening – but hey – I wanted to... The incredible costumes, cinematography, fight scenes and especially when Japanese tap dance troupe, The Stripes, are on screen, makes this film a rare luxury.