Can't make it to the Croisette? You don't have to - this is your guide to all the latest news and movie reviews from Cannes 2016.
Thursday 27 May 2021
The colourful Spanish director is in Cannes to promote his latest film 'Julieta'
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: The Spanish film icon is double fisting black coffee and water, his eyes look heavy, and he admits that after five days at the Cannes Film Festival, he's operating on very little sleep.Almodovar is in the South of France to...
Friday 10 Jun 2016
The story of a Brazilian widow's face-off against dirty developers is a treasure, with a message that should play well with Sydneysiders.
Monday 6 Jun 2016
Park Chan-Wook's 'The Handmaiden' takes a 2002 historical crime novel set in Victorian England and places it in 1930s Korea under Japanese colonialism.
Friday 3 Jun 2016
Jodie Foster and her cast (Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jack O'Connell, Dominic West and Caitriona Balfe) talk about her thriller 'Money Monster'.
Wednesday 1 Jun 2016
The French-Canadian wunderkind hits a snag with a film that features a rare poor performance from Marion Cotillard.
Wednesday 25 May 2016
Woody Allen plays it safe again, Sam.
Tuesday 24 May 2016
Jaclyn Jose's role as a struggling mum and drug dealer has timely significance in the Philippine’s right now.
Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck has just become the first Filipino to win the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival.Better known for her stage name - Jaclyn Jose - the Philippine born actress was recognised for her role in the 2016 film Ma’ Rosa...
Monday 23 May 2016
The impassioned 80 year-old is the king of Cannes.
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Ken Loach has joined the elite club of filmmakers with two Palmes d’Or to their name, in winning the top award of the Cannes Film Festival for I, Daniel Blake overnight. Loach’s film screened early in the 11-day...