Middle East

1700 IS fighters killed in a week in Mosul

At least 1,700 Islamic State fighters have been killed by Iraqi forces in Mosul in the last week, police say


General Raed Shaker Jawdat said in the second offensive against the IS bastion, Iraqi forces managed to destroy the group's headquarters in Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital.

In the last week of operations, the government forces have recovered eight neighbourhoods with a total area of 51 square kilometres, meaning the entire southeast of Mosul has been liberated, Jawdat said.

He said Iraqi troops had also taken drone factories, used by the IS for espionage, and five car bomb manufacturing plants, as well as an electrical plant, a windmill and several schools.

After the clashes, around 5000 families were evacuated from IS-controlled areas.

The General announced that forces had already surrounded other neighbourhoods east of the Tigris river and were to storm them in the next few hours.

On October 17, Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched an offensive to liberate Mosul, the IS' last bastion in Iraq, which had been captured by the terror group along with large swathes of territory in June 2014.

The second part of the liberation operation began last week, with efforts centered on retaking eastern districts of the city.