'Above and beyond': Australians say #ThanksAmbos

Australians are sending messages of support. Source: Twitter

The hashtag #ThanksAmbos is trending around the country on Thank A Paramedic Day.

Australians are using Wednesday's Thank A Paramedic Day to share stories, photos and messages of appreciation to the country's hard-working ambos.

Ambulance Victoria CEO Tony Walker said paramedics and volunteers never expect to be thanked for doing their job but are grateful for the many messages of support.

“Days like today are a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community that we serve and acknowledge the important role they play in helping us deliver the best care possible,” he said.

With the hashtag #ThanksAmbos trending online, it's clear how profoundly paramedics touch people's lives on a daily basis.

Mother Amy Sheridan described how paramedics sought to calm both her and her son as he was taken to hospital with croup. 

"I am beyond blown away by how incredible our paramedics were. I know it’s their job but gosh they were just SO BEAUTIFUL! "she wrote in an Instagram post. 

"Hands down my scariest mum moment so far but so so grateful for the amazing emergency workers we are so lucky to have help us here. Can not thank them enough. Thank you." 

This year, some patients have been able to reunite with paramedics who saved their lives. 

Among them is stroke survivor and new father Paul Fink, who had to re-learn how to read, write, talk, walk and communicate after a devastating brain bleed.

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