Adani convoy reliant on coal: miners

An anti-Adani convoy travelling the length of Australia has reached Melbourne as the Queensland Resources Council criticises the protest.

Cars in the 'Stop Adani Convoy' are seen lined up in Melbourne,

A convoy of electric cars is en route to northern Queensland to protest against the Adani mine (AAP)

A lengthy convoy travelling across Australia in protest at Adani's planned Queensland mine wouldn't get far without the very industry it's targeting, the resources council says.

More than 70 cars, many of them electric, reached Melbourne on Thursday after leaving Hobart the day before on a two-week campaign journey up Australia's east coast.

But while convoy chief, former Greens leader Bob Brown, addressed a supportive crowd during the latest stop off, the Queensland Resources Council derided the event.

"If it wasn't for coal, this anti-jobs campaign would need to cross the Bass Strait in a wooden boat then walk to the Galilee Basin," Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane said in a statement.

"If these activists truly wanted a coal free future they would have no choice but to end the journey immediately. If they continue, then their anti-jobs, anti-regional growth claims will have a very hollow ring to them."

Further protests are planned in Sydney and Brisbane as the convoy swells to a forecast 700 vehicles en route north to Queensland's Galilee Basin.

"We need to say to the leaders of this country 'how about you listen to the next generation instead of listening to a coal industry ... wanting to pocket more money at our expense?'," Dr Brown said in Hobart.

The fleet is expected to reach Claremont on April 28. The proposed mine site is about 160 kilometres northwest of the town.

A spokeswoman for Adani respected the rights of the convoy participants.

"All we ask is that those participating in the Bob Brown convoy base their publicity materials on facts not on lies and myths and that they respect the views and laws of the communities in Queensland they will be visiting who rely on and support coal mining," she told AAP.

Published 18 April 2019 at 2:58pm
Source: AAP