Adelaide woman let 13 abandoned cats starve to death

Trooper, the only cat that survived after a woman abandoned 14 cats at an Adelaide property. All but Trooper starved to death. Source: RSPCA SA

An Adelaide woman has been convicted on animal cruelty charges over starving 13 cats.

An Adelaide woman has been put on a good behaviour bond for animal cruelty after being convicted over starving 13 cats.

The RSPCA says in a distressing case of abandonment, the woman left behind her 14 cats when she left her Woodville West property.

By the time inspectors arrived at the house in September 2015, 13 of the cats were dead and the only surviving animal was severely emaciated.

"The remains of the other 13 cats were spread throughout the house. It was a devastating sight," chief inspector Andrea Lewis said.

The woman was convicted in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday where she was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and banned from owning animals indefinitely.

The court took into account her mental health issues and the fact she spent two weeks in custody after failing to attend earlier court hearings.

Ms Lewis said the one surviving cat, which had been named Trooper, had recovered and been rehomed.

She said if pet owners could no longer care for their animals they should seek help from family, friends or neighbours, contact their local council or take them to an animal shelter.

"You simply cannot abandon animals. You have a responsibility for their wellbeing," she said.

Source AAP

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