Afghans prepare to run their own war

The "Operations Coordination Centre - Provincial" in Tarin Kowt is one of the lesser known success stories of the Afghanistan war.

In a room with a great big map is one of Afghanistan's lesser known success stories.

This is the Operations Coordination Centre - Provincial, or OCCP, where representatives of the Afghan army, police and security service mentored by Australian soldiers coordinate security activities for the entire province.

Each morning starts with a roundup of the night's activities.

It hosts regular meetings of the provincial governor, chief of police, provincial army commander, head of intelligence and the commander of Combined Team Oruzgan, Australian Colonel Wade Stothart, to coordinate plans for upcoming events.

The big one on the horizon is the presidential election set for April 5, 2014.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Duncan, who heads the Australian OCCP mentoring team, says this is working exceptionally well.

"The co-ordination of the various pillars of the Afghan National Security Forces that occurs here at the OCCP is great," he told AAP.

"They have a whole bunch of situations where they get the senior provincial leaders in and they plan the security of the province."

Lieutenant Colonel Duncan said this would endure.

"We leave them the legacy to decide their own destiny," he said.

"We cannot guarantee they are going to be successful but we have fitted them with every possible tool to ensure success."

Captain Dean Schmidt said the OCCP was launched in 2010 from an Afghan requirement for better co-ordination between the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and National Directorate of Security.

That ensures information goes where it's needed and coordinates distribution of information about current operations.

"This is regarded as one of the best in Afghanistan and we get a lot of visitors here because of that reputation," he said.

"They are doing everything right at the moment. They are doing a bloody good job. They seem to be on their game with their reporting and for us it is easy to just sit back and observe what they are doing and give a little bit of advice when required."

Colonel Hazir Khan, Afghan National Police coordinator on the OCCP says the centre could carry on after the coalition departs if it gets ongoing support.

"We are very happy to work with Australian security forces and especially these mentors we have over here. We are receiving very good advice," he told AAP through an interpreter.

Source AAP

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