AFL put Gold Coast on standby for China

Gold Coast's Metricon Stadium will be the venue for the May 14 game against Port Adelaide if China is ruled out.

The AFL has put Gold Coast's Metricon Stadium on standby if the decision is made not to play an historic match in China.

Rising international tensions have raised some doubts about playing the May 14 Port Adelaide-Gold Coast game in Shanghai.

The match at Jiangwan Sports Stadium would be the first AFL clash for premiership points outside Australia or New Zealand.

But Power chief executive Keith Thomas says they will rely on Australian government advice, given the worsening relations between the United States and North Korea.

"Clearly you can't ignore the circumstances that prevail in the world today and they're in a region that's sensitive to China and where we will be," Thomas told reporters on Tuesday.

"Right now, we have had no advice to suggest that the game is at risk or we shouldn't be going.

"We'll just keep bowling along until we're told otherwise."

Thomas said the AFL had announced last year that if the game did not go ahead in Shanghai, then Metricon would be the venue.

Source: AAP