Agreement to preseve MacKillop's grave site

An agreement has been signed to ensure the original burial site ofMary MacKillop is maintained in anticipation of future visitingpilgrims.

A licence agreement between the NSW Government and the Catholic Cemeteries Board has been signed to ensure the original burial site of Mary MacKillop is maintained in anticipation of future visiting pilgrims.

She was originally buried in the Catholic section of the Gore Hill cemetery in Sydney in 1909 then five years later it was decided to move her remains to their present location at the Mary Mackillop Memorial Chapel in North Sydney.

Religious authorities are preparing for the influx of visitors to the grave site but in order to prevent visiting members of the public from damaging the gravesite, measures are being put in place such as fences and security.

The NSW Minister for Lands said the canonisation of Mary MacKillop in Rome on October 17 will bring more visitors to the site and the agreement was to ensure that facilities are in place.

"We need to ensure that adequate facilities are in place to ensure security and other provisions to the public are met such as parking and lights," the NSW Minister for Lands, Mr Tony Kelly said.

“The original grave site is an important historic site and this new agreement will enable the injection of funds to help maintain and preserve it and the surrounding cemetery for generations to come."

The Catholic Cemeteries Board (CCB) will undertake restoration and conservation works in consultation with the Gore Hill Memorial Cemetery Trust.

"There are always problems with maintaining security around a historic site and its no less here. We need to make the site accessible, both outside and inside," said Richard D'Apice, chairman of the Catholic Cemeteries Board.

The licensing agreement will allow maintenance and preservation of both the grave site and the Gore Hill Cemetery to commence.

Source SBS

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