New Zealand

Alternative NZ flags to fly in Wellington

A supplied combination image obtained Tuesday, Sep. 1, 2015 of the final four alternative flag designs for a new New Zealand flag. Source: AAP

Sets of alternative NZ flags which will be voted on in a referendum have been released, with Wellington City Council to hoist them over the town hall.

Five alternative New Zealand flags will be hoisted over Wellington's town hall on Monday and could soon be fluttering around the country.

The Flag Consideration Panel says the official sets, which were available from Friday, are free to communities able to fly them close to each other on separate poles.

"It's an ideal opportunity for communities to see the alternatives in real life situations, and consider their symbols, colours and meaning before ranking them in order of preference in voting papers," panel chairman Professor John Burrows.

Wellington City Council was first off the blocks, saying they will be hoisted on Monday.

Prof Burrows says he expects they'll be flown on streets, buildings or public access ways.

The panel chose four flags from the thousands of designs submitted and a fifth, red peak design, was added after parliament passed urgent legislation.

Three of the five have ferns in the designs, then there is a koru flag and red peak.

The referendum to rank them in order of preference takes place between November 20 and December 11.

In March next year there will be another referendum when the top-ranked design will be run off against the current flag.

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