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Anthony Albanese to recontest 'demanding' seat

Anthony Albanese Source: AAP

Shadow Transport Minister Anthony Albanese will put himself forward for the "demanding" seat of Grayndler at the 2016 election.

Shadow Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed his candidacy for the reconfigured seat of Grayndler in this year's federal election, saying he would never take the electorate for granted.

Revised federal electorate boundaries have put parts of the Labor working-class stronghold of Marrickville, as well as Mr Albanese's home and office, outside the seat.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Mr Albanese said he had always treated the seat, which he has held since 1996, as marginal.

"People might disagree with me but what you see is what you get. I stand up for my beliefs and put my hand up when it counts," he said.

"This is a politicised seat and people are active in their local community. That's a great thing."

He said the Labor Party was the only progressive Australian party capable of forming government and ensuring the economy was about "not just growth, but inclusive growth".

"What we've seen from Malcolm Turnbull is that he now leads a party that is divided within itself, at war with itself over a range of issues between the conservatives and the moderates," Mr Albanese said.

He said Grayndler Greens candidate and ex-International Socialist member Jim Casey had minimal connection to the area.

"The current candidate has no local involvement, no local record and nothing to point to whereby he has engaged in the local community," Mr Albanese said.

"I've never seen him at any event but then again I haven't been to International Socialist demonstrations against global capitalism in the last few years."

He said some candidates were using the Greens banner as a smokescreen for a socialist political platform.

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