Anti-Hanson protesters clash with police in Perth


A One Nation campaign event in Perth has been crashed by protesters during Pauline Hanson's tour of WA

Protesters have crashed a Pauline Hanson campaign event in Perth, clashing with the controversial senator's supporters and police.

At least one person was arrested in the protest outside the Paddington Ale House, where Senator Hanson held a campaign event on Thursday evening.

Dozens of police lined the entrance to the Mt Hawthorn pub to allow Hanson's supporters to enter the One Nation event to cries of "shame" from the protesters.

There were several scuffles as Ms Hanson's supporters tried to wade their way through the vocal crowd.


Inside, Ms Hanson greeted and posed for selfies with a mixed-bag of supporters, urging them to attend polling booths at this Saturday's state election.

Among the crowd of One Nation supporters was 18-year-old Tyler Walsh, who said he thought the protesters were hypocrites.

"I just think the protesters are a bit hypocritical because they have all the signs out saying 'fascism', 'racism', but really they're the ones being the fascists and stopping us from having a good time here."

Senator Hanson has been touring regional WA for the last three days, and will focus on several battleground electorates in Perth on Friday.

Outside the pub, Zoe Zarzycki told AAP she attended the protest to show the rest of Australia that Senator Hanson's policies were not welcome in the West.

"I think her policies are fundamentally racist, sexist and and anti-queer and they're not coming from any place of reasoning, it's just hatred," Ms Zarzycki said.

"We're here to let people know that its not OK and most Australians are not OK with Pauline Hanson, that even while One Nation has gained support, there's so much push back."

Senator Hanson spent Tuesday in the Pilbara, Wednesday in Kalgoorlie and Thursday in Geraldton, where she had a largely warm response from locals that's boosted her confidence.

She says she expects WA Nationals leader Brendan Grylls will lose his Pilbara seat to One Nation, which also expects to pick up the Nationals-held Kalgoorlie.

Source AAP

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