'Apu arrives': Backlash over introduction of India's Modi at G20 summit


The comparison of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Simpsons character Apu has been described as disrespectful to a foreign leader.

An Argentine news channel has been slammed for using controversial Simpsons character Apu to announce the arrival of the Indian Prime Minister to the G20 summit.  

"Apu arrives" was the headline used by a local news channel, as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched down in Buenos Aires for the G20 summit.

Cronic TV also aired an image of the controversial character from the US animated sitcom, which has been the subject of recent debate over racial stereotyping.

Social media users were quick to criticise the network for the "racist" depiction.

The fictional character is voiced by Caucasian actor Hank Azaria, who uses a thick Indian accent when portraying the convenience store owner.

A recent documentary The Problem With Apu, created by comedian Hari Kondabolu, delves into why the character is offensive.

In response to the Argentine news channel’s use of the character, Mr Kondabolu tweeted: "This couldn't be true, right?"

Other world leaders also encountered problems upon arriving. 

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived on Thursday, but the Argentine delegation had not managed to get there in time to greet him. 

SBS News was left to unexpectedly take on the duties. 

Source SBS News


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