As the Syrian conflict heats up, a young Kurdish girl pleads for her childhood


The young girl looks down the camera and pleads for the end of the conflict in Syria.

A young Kurdish girl has made a heartfelt plea to United States President Donald Trump as the conflict in northern Syria escalates.

The video, which surfaced over the weekend, was taken by the Kurdistan 24 English news channel and shows a young girl desperately pleading for the conflict to end.

“To UNICEF, to United Nations, to Trump… I am a forgotten child,” the young girl tells the camera.

“I didn’t hold the weapons. Will you give me my childhood?”

“This is my message. Please, please stop this war.”

As Turkey continues its bombardment of northern Syria, experts are warning the conflict may see a re-emergence of the so-called Islamic State amid the chaos.

Turkish forces capitalised on last week's abrupt US departure from northern Syria by launching a military strike across the Turkey-Syria border against long-time Kurdish rivals.

The area is home to some 12,000 detained IS fighters, who are being guarded by the Kurds.

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