Asylum seekers on Manus speak in video

Asylum seekers who found themselves on Manus Island after desperately trying to reach Australia have begged others not to what they did in a video released by the immigration department.

The three-minute subtitled video includes grabs from six Iranian men speaking in their native language of Farsi who were sent to Papua New Guinea under the government's resettlement plan.

Their faces are blurred out but their voices clear as they describe their ordeals. "Please, I'm asking people, it's a big mistake, please don't take this journey," one man says.

Another man describes how people smugglers promised him $10,000 on arrival in Australia, but instead took him and other refugees to a small hut in a jungle.

There they were locked up with no proper food or water, and had to go to the toilet in plastic bags. Immigration Minister Tony Burke says the footage reflects the reality of people smuggling.

"What we have in that footage is people who have been customers of people smugglers saying that the product they paid for has indeed been taken away," he told reporters in Sydney.

He said the men interviewed were offered no incentive and were not prompted or told what to say.

The video, which will be put up on the Department of Immigration website, will also be distributed in different languages "to spread that information as far and wide as we can, the whole way up the people-smuggling pipeline".

In July the government came under fire for releasing images of the first group of asylum seekers to be processed under its policy.

Mr Burke told journalists another plane of adult male asylum seekers landed on Manus Island on Thursday.

An Iranian asylum seeker had left Christmas Island to return home, he added.

Source AAP

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