Aussies mark World Hijab Day


People around the world are marking World Hijab Day. Organisers say they aim to have one million Muslim and non-Muslim women worldwide wear a hijab for one day to improve religious understanding.

It's World Hijab Day with events being held around Australia.

Rebecca Kay is holding a celebration in Sydney's Pitt Street Mall and is encouraging all women to try on a hijab.

She says the day is about promoting sisterhood in women around the country and around the world.

"We're inviting all women to come and experience the life of a day of a hijabi (a female who wears a hijab), and see what all the fuss is about and just try to create bonds and answer questions," Ms Kay said.

"A lot of the time we see men speaking on behalf of women when it comes to our dress attire and the women are coming out and saying that it's our time to speak and that we wish to represent ourselves."

Lydia Shelly says the day also encourages Australians to walk in the shoes of a Muslim women with the aim of improving religious harmony.

"The biggest assumption about Muslim women who wear the hijab is that we are one big homogenous group," Ms Shelly wrote on Facebook. "Muslim women who wear the hijab are from all walks of life, nationalities and have different ways that they express their modesty through their wearing of the hijab. Yay for diversity in the hijabi community!"

Around the world, people tweeted pictures of their support for the global movement.

Source SBS

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