Australia falling behind in cyber-attack protection, report says

Australia is falling behind in itself ability to protect itself from cyber attacks. Source: AAP

A new report has found Australia is falling behind countries like Japan and South Korea in its ability to protect itself from cyber attacks.

Australia has dropped from second to fifth in the world in its ability to protect itself from cyber attacks in the Asia Pacific, a new report has revealed.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) analysis showed while Australia improved on its 2014 score, the rapid implementation from other countries of cyber policies pushed the nation down the list.

“The US has retained the top rank in 2015, but due to rapid regional advancements Australia has slipped to fifth, overtaken by the rise in cyber maturity of Japan, South Korea and Singapore,” APSI’s International Cyber Policy Centre Director Dr. Tobias Feakin said.

Japan legislated in favour of more cyber security after hackers targeted its space agency, and South Korea was forced to act after a stream of cyber-attacks.

The report suggested geopolitical power plays in the region were being replicated online.

“Looking further out, China’s considerable efforts in 2015 to consolidate leadership and management of cyber policy and security mean it’s set to challenge the US for top rank by 2020”, Dr Feakin said.

“This is a dynamic region that continues to play a central role in shaping international cyber debates and the digital economy.

"The Asia-Pacific is leading the way in responding to the challenges and opportunities cyberspace presents.”

The report highlighted in a new category that Australia is a regional leader in financial cybercrime enforcement, ranking second only to the United States.

Five different topics were used to measure “cyber maturity”: governance structures, financial cybercrime enforcement, military application, digital economy and business, and social engagement.

Source SBS News

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