Australia thumps Germany to win soccer RoboCup


Germany may have won the World Cup but Australia has toppled them to win the robotic version, RoboCup 2014, in Brazil.

Who said Australia couldn't build a champion soccer team and bring home a trophy from Brazil?

Because that's exactly what the University of NSW has done with its robotic team at RoboCup 2014.

Not only that, the University of NSW's team, rUNSWift, thumped a German team 5-1 in the final.

The Aussie team beat 19 other teams from around the world to progress to Thursday's final in the coastal town of Joao Pessoa.

After the Germans, Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig University of Applied Sciences scored the first goal, the Aussies dominated the match.

"We were ecstatic to beat B-Human in the semi-final... after seven years of trying," said Brad Hall, from UNSW's School of Computer Science and Engineering, in Brazil.

"It's a great achievement for UNSW and for Australia," said Head of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW, Maurice Pagnucco.

"This result showcases UNSW and Australian research expertise in robotics internationally," he said.

All teams compete with identical robots in RoboCup.

The software is the only difference and the UNSW team wrote 125,000 lines of code to help their robots to victory.

The rUNSWift team last won the competition in 2003.