Australian imam attacked with shoe on live TV

Mostafa Rashid is attacked on TV Source: LTC TV

Mostafa Rashid was attacked in a LTC TV television studio for defending Muslim women who don’t wear burkas.

An Australian imam has been attacked with a shoe on Egyptian television after standing up for Muslim women who don't wear burkas.

A news broadcast featuring Sydney cleric Mostafa Rashid, ended in blows after he was drawn into an all-out brawl inside the network studio by fellow guest and local lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh.

After a dramatic war of words which quickly descended into obscene name-calling, Mr al-Wahsh took off his shoe and began pelting Mr Rashid with it before staff rushed out to separate the pair.

They had been discussing the place of the burka in modern Islam, with Mr Rashid asserting that it’s more of a cultural tradition than a religious imperative, according to Nine.

In response, Mr al-Wahsh launched a blistering personal attack on the Australian, calling him an “apostate” and an “infidel” and questioning his religious credentials.

"You said you were the Mufti of Australia and a scholar in Sydney, but there’s not even a mosque in Sydney,"  Mr al-Wahsh said.

Mr Rashid only replied by suggesting Mr al-Wahsh was “mentally ill”.

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