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Bear repellent makes Amazon workers sick


Authorities say 24 workers at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey have been taken to the hospital after a can of bear repellent was punctured and released fumes.

At least one Amazon worker is in a critical condition after breathing in fumes from a punctured can of bear repellent at a New Jersey warehouse.

About 30 other workers were treated at the warehouse in Robbinsville on Wednesday. Most people were reporting difficulty breathing or burning in their throats.

Robbinsville spokesman John Nalbone told that an automated machine damaged a 9-ounce (255-gram) can of bear repellent. He said the fumes were contained in one area of the building.

Hundreds of workers are normally inside the building during work days. It was unclear how many were exposed.

Amazon confirmed that the accident dispersed strong fumes in the area of the facility. The incident is under investigation.

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