Before and after testosterone: Transgender Swede sings duet with himself


Charlie Peck dedicated his viral cover of the song to the trans community around the world.

Charlie Peck has become a media and social media sensation in Sweden after recording an unconventional duet – with himself.

In May last year, the 27-year-old recorded the high-register half of the duet ‘Home’, and recorded the lower register in February 2017 after undergoing testosterone treatment.

“This video is a true ‘once in a lifetime’ experience,” Peck wrote.

“I dedicate it to trans community and everyone else who may need a reminder that things actually get better.”

Peck told SBS he wanted to share his transition because he had benefited so much from others sharing their stories.

“They helped me feel less afraid and more hopeful,” he said.

The video has been seen by thousands on social media and picked up by Swedish media outlets, but the aspiring vet says he never expected such exposure.

“I have never recorded a song, and thought I might reach the friends on my Facebook and maybe some LGBT community,” he said, “I am so glad it reached out.”

“Along with all the hate being projected from all kinds of corners in the world, I am really happy to be able to contribute with some love and hope to all who might need a pinch of just that,” he said.

The young Swede has also pushed back against people using his pre-transition name and female pronouns.

“It's not a party trick, it's not for fun, heck, it's not even a choice,” he wrote on social media.

“My name is Charlie – even though I do use my previous name in the video, I do not have two names. Even if you speak about me when I was five my name is still Charlie.

“What you see now is what I have seen for a long time. I have merely shed coats.”

Peck told SBS that he had a tough time when he told his parents he wanted to date girls as age 15, but that coming out as trans more recently was much easier.  

“It was like they made up for lost time, they were so supportive,” he said.

“When I decided to start coming out I was met with nothing but positive responses.”

Peck said his friend and producer, André Åhl Persson, had done an amazing job in making the video a success.

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