Big spike in amphetamine use, say Salvos

Use of amphetamines varieties, like the addictive drug 'ice' (pictured), is taking a bigger slice of the Salvation Army's resources. Pic:GETTY

The Salvation Army says it has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking help for amphetamine addiction, particularly the drug ice, reporting a 120 per cent spike in Sydney.

People who need assistance with amphetamines are taking a bigger share of resources from the Salvation Army in Sydney, the charity says.

Amphetamines is a drug group that includes the highly addictive derivative ‘ice’ and other derivatives like speed and dexamphetamine.

Between November 2010 and November 2014, the proportion of people seeking help with amphetamines has increased about 120 per cent at the Salvation Army's Sydney Recovery Services.

The number of speed and ice users who seek help from the Salvos in Sydney has now surpassed those using cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine.

The Salvation Army did not break down the kinds of amphetamines people needed help with, however, the latest data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare says ice use is more popular among amphetamines users, with powder varieties decreasing.

But alcohol is still the prominent substance causing people to seek help in Sydney.

The Canberra Recovery Services have seen a 155 per cent increase in the same period, with fewer clients seeking assistance.

The proportion of people seeking help with amphetamines in Canberra has jumped by 28 per cent this year alone.

Across Salvation Army Recovery Services in NSW, there has been an average 48 per cent increase in amphetamine users presenting in the past year.

Townsville had an even smaller proportion of clients, but saw a 165 per cent increase in the proportion of clients seeking help with amphetamines.

The Salvation Army is a provider of residential recovery services, including drug and alcohol and gambling support, in NSW and Queensland.

More information about the Salvation Army’s Bridge Program, including details for enquiries and referrals, is available online at the Salvation Army website.

For help via telephone, call the Salvo Care Line (available 24/7) on 1300 36 36 22.

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