'Bloody idiots': Swedish Mensa conference ends in drunken rampage

Police were called to the Elite Hotel after members of Mensa Sweden became drunk, rowdy, and aggressive. Source: Facebook / Elite Hotel / Mensa.

Members of the exclusive society - which only accepts people with high IQs - were faced with police officers after a drunken hotel brawl.

A conference held in Sweden over the weekend for members of Mensa - the society for those with extremely high IQs - came to a conclusion after police interrupted rowdy, drunken behaviour and a loud brawl at around 6am.

Approximately 400 members of the exclusive group came together at the Elite Hotel in the town of Eskilstuna, to attend seminars, play games and socialise. 

However, according to local newspaper Eskilstuna Kuriren, members were displaying increasingly rowdy behaviour and drinking alcohol in the corridors in the wee hours of the morning.

Some members reportedly broke into a locked conference room, while others got up on the roof of the hotel.

Guests were so loud and aggressive that hotel personnel called security, due to feeling "unsafe".

Security could not contain the drunken group, so police attended the Elite Hotel at approximately 6am local time on Sunday morning.

"They haven't exactly behaved like adults in this company," said Lennart Ahlin, a police officer in Eskilstuna.

"I suspect it had been a little too much alcohol there."

However, chairwoman of Mensa Sweden Monika Orski was not so forgiving, calling the rowdy members "bloody idiots" via a post in a closed Mensa Facebook group.

"You are a disgrace and deserve no better than to be called 'bloody idiots'", the post reportedly read.

"Rarely have I been so ashamed of Mensa Sweden."

Mensa, a society that only accepts members with IQ scores within the top 2 per cent of the general population, states on its website that it exists to, "identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity [and] promote stimulating intellectual and social opportunities for its members."

SBS World News has reached out to Mensa Sweden for comment.

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